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To begin therapy - sit down and remember your life - tell your story.  In this way, counseling helps bring order out of chaos which has erupted from painful living. The sitting down is the beginning.

Second is remembering. With remembering, acceptance begins to set in. After a while, people are ready to adjust - to get up and move on. In therapy they sit down and remember. This enacts the grief process and the healing process. With healing - families rebuild - children grow - people are able to become increasingly authentic - increasingly healthy - more whole.

Individual Counseling

& Psychotherapy

Therapy can serve as a place of support. . . a place of understanding. . . a place to heal.


Therapy itself is sometimes likened to a journey into wholeness - growth - into a greater sense of well being. 


Specific problems and life events bring people to recognize the need for therapy.

We believe people who come for therapy possess the resources of body, mind, heart & spirit to create healthy, fulfilled, meaningful lives. Stress, trauma, loss and difficult life events sometimes block one's access to these resources. 

Our clients may participate in short, medium or long-term psychotherapy. Trained, licensed, dedicated therapists participate in the therapy process. Through dialogue, the exploration of feelings and the sharing of experiences, healing moments begin to occur. Healthy patterns of living can be established. A restored sense of well-being can emerge resulting in a greater caring for self, for others and for the community we share. We extend an invitation to join us.

The Link provides quality, affordable, confidential psychotherapy, counseling and support groups to all ages. We are dedicated to providing therapeutic services on a low cost, sliding fee scale. Clients are seen by Link therapists for as many visits as needed. No outside parties determine eligibility for services, number of visits or fees paid. Confidentiality is a priority and is carefully maintained at The Link.

The Link offers early morning, after school and evening appointments.

Please call 404-256-9797 to schedule an appointment.


Get In Touch

Sandy Springs Office and The House Next Door

348 Mt. Vernon Highway NE

Sandy Springs, GA 30328


Cobb County Office - Mallard Cove

1820 The Exchange - Suite 650

Atlanta, GA 30339


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