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The Link Counseling Center

Healing & Hope

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Serving The Community Since 1971

The Link Counseling Center

 Specific problems and life events bring people to recognize the need for therapy. Stress, trauma, loss and difficult life events may inhibit participation in healthy, fulfilled, meaningful lives. The Link provides counseling, psychotherapy and support groups to people of all ages, helping them to heal and rebuild their lives.


In addition to  individual, couples & family therapy, our not-for-profit organization provides pro bono support groups for bereaved children and for those whose lives have been impacted by a loss from suicide.  

Our counseling services are provided on a sliding fee scale. Our mission is to make therapy affordable. 

We are honored to provide our therapeutic services on the Kendeda campus, a place of unparalleled warmth, beauty and peace.

Children, youth, and adults begin their journeys of healing in surroundings of green space, gardens and buildings dedicated to nourishing their healing and growth.

The Link offers early morning, after school and evening appointments. 

When appropriate we also offer virtual therapy sessions

Please call 404-256-9797 to schedule an appointment.

If you are in a crisis right now call or text 988, or visit 988lifeline.orgIf you are having a medical emergency, a safety emergency requiring law enforcement, EMS, or experiencing a fire emergency: DIAL 911.

Our Programs


Counseling & Psychotherapy

Individuals, Couples, Family, and

Group Therapy. Sessions are offered on a sliding scale fee.

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Marriage & Family Therapy Training Institute

Clinical supervision, workshops and consultations for businesses, mental health professionals and community organizations.


Children in Crisis &

Grief Program

Provides weekly grief support groups for ages 4 -19. Support groups are offered free of charge.

Rock Balancing

Enriched Living Program


Services to address the complex issues of the aging, their families and caregivers.


National Resource Center for Suicide Prevention & Aftercare

Provides support for those whose lives have been impacted by suicide.

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Donate & Support


"To heal a child is to heal a family; to heal a family is to heal a community; to heal a community is to heal a nation."

-M. Hammet


Counseling and Psychotherapy

Therapy can serve as a place of support-a place of understanding-a place to heal.

Therapy itself is sometimes likened to a journey...

a journey into wholeness - into growth - into a greater sense of well-being.


Children & Adolescents Programs

The House Next Door is a special meeting place....

Welcoming bright colors, art and play space, a "volcano" room and gardens provide a safe, supportive environment to nurture the healing of children, teens and their families.

Grief groups have been meeting weekly at The Link's House Next Door since 1992.

Groups are designed to meet your child's unique grieving needs with group sizes that accommodate individual attention.

These groups are provided to the community free of charge



Grief Consultations for Parents, Caregivers,

& Family Members are available free of charge.






Grief Support

 The Link offers grief consultations and support to all who are grieving a loss.

Grief consultations are offered at no charge.

Please call 404-256-9797 and a volunteer will help you set up your grief consultation.



For those grieving a loss from suicide,

The Link's National Resource Center (NRC) for Suicide Prevention and Aftercare 

                is dedicated to reaching out to those whose lives have been impacted by this loss and connecting them to available resources.

Please call our Program Director, Ginny Sparrow at 404-256-2919.




Survivors of Suicide (S.O.S) Support Groups

Support Groups are offered three times monthly

for those who are experiencing a loss from suicide.


Training & Clinical Supervision

The Link's Marriage & Family Therapy Training Institute offers

a 3 -year postmaster's resident program.

The Link offers post-graduate clinical supervision for other mental health professionals.

The Link also offers workshops for mental health providers and community organizations.




Get In Touch

Sandy Springs Office and The House Next Door

348 Mt. Vernon Highway NE

Sandy Springs, GA 30328


Cobb County Office - Mallard Cove

1820 The Exchange - Suite 650

Atlanta, GA 30339


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